European Outlet Shopping Never Looked So Good
Dec 14th,2009

There are a total of nine Chic Outlet Shopping Villages in Europe, each uniquely located on the outskirts of gorgeous Metropolitan cities including:  London, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich and Dublin.

Each of the nine open-air Villages boasts anywhere from 55-120 designer outlets and provides a rich ambiance that reflects the flavor and culture of the respective location; this includes everything from the architecture to the cuisine.  It's  no wonder these shopping destinations are recognized among many of today’s jet-setters, fashionistas, and celebrities! Recent celebs that have been spotted include Mick Jagger, Victoria Beckham, Jude Law and Liz Hurley.

Listen in to our interview with Desirée Bollier and find out more about luxury designer outlet shopping, like Gucci and Diane Von Furstenberg. Bollier will also share some of the luxury secrets that make Chic Outlets so unique - personal shoppers, Valet Boy to carry your bags, a VIP lounge and even translators!

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